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Year Completed:



Swift Plaza is situated on over 15 acres and four city blocks and consists of 4 Class A office buildings and a parking garage totaling 1,077,058 net rentable square feet.

Building A: 1655 Grant Street ±292,896 Square Feet
Building B: 2001 Clayton Road ±203,642 Square Feet
Building C: 1755 Grant Street ±184,606 Square Feet
Building D: 2000 Clayton Road ±395,914 Square Feet


Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Inc.

Building Area:

1,077,058 rentable square feet


The 4 office building structures are composite steel-framed construction with lateral resisting systems typically consisting of metal deck with concrete fill floor diaphragms transferring loads to perimeter ordinary steel moment frames. The garage structure consists of one-way post tensioned concrete slab parking decks and cast-in-place reinforced concrete beams, joist, girders, and columns. Ductile concrete moment frames comprise the vertical elements of the garage lateral force-resisting system. The buildings and garage are founded on conventional reinforced concrete shallow foundation systems composed of both isolated spread footings below columns and strip footings below perimeter walls and garage moment frames. Basements and ground floors consist of concrete slab-on-grade.

Exterior Walls: Building A consists of a combination of factory finished, two-color metal panels, precast concrete or glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) panels at the column cover and walls with a granite base, cement stucco soffit and aluminum vent grille, manufactured finish metal awnings, aluminum and glass window wall, and manufacturer finish aluminum framed windows. Building C has the same finishes as Buildings A and B except there are no metal awnings above the exterior windows. The main entry doors are brushed aluminum framed doors while secondary entry doors are offset four-hinge aluminum doors and overhead closures. Glazing at Building C are single glazed; Building A is tinted and single glazed.

Land Area:

Building: 14.4521 acres

Site Coverage

Parking Count:

3/1000 Parking with 126 spaces in 1755 Grant Street garage.
Remainder in parking structure.


Chilled water for the 4 buildings is produced by a common centralized chilled water system consisting of 6 centrifugal chillers, 6 open loop cooling towers and associated circulation pumps located in Building D. Chilled water is piped from the chillers located in Building D to the other three buildings through below grade piping. A dedicated set of secondary chilled water pumps supply buildings A, B, C and D. Chilled water is circulated through chilled water coils and built up air handler systems. Each building’s air handling system is similar, consisting of multiple supply and return exhaust fans with an economizer system capable of 100% outside air. Roof mounted built up air handlers deliver cooling supply air to zone level variable air volume boxes (VAV) on each floor at each building.

Heating is provided to each building by a reheat system with hot water coils located at the perimeter VAV boxes. A common centralized heating hot water boiler system is located in Building D and consists of 3 natural gas fire boilers and 3 primary circulation pumps. Heating hot water is pumped to Buildings A, B and C through below grade piping. The heating hot water is distributed to Buildings A, B and C through separate secondary systems. Building D heating uses the primary loop heating water pumps for distribution to VAV boxes.


Building A is provided with its own domestic water main. Backflow prevention devices and meters are installed at each water main along with domestic water booster pump systems. The booster pumps draw directly from their respective main water services. In Building D a 170,000 gallon domestic water tank is located in the basement, upon which the booster pump draw. The domestic water storage tank is in place as a backup emergency supply for the cooling towers.

File Safety Systems:

Each building and the parking garage are fully sprinkled. Fire sprinkler service to Building A and D are served by common system consisting of 1 diesel and 1 electric fire pump located in Building D. Both pumps are rated at 1,500 gallons. This system also includes a 20,000 gallon fire water reservoir located in the basement of Building D which provides an emergency backup water supply and the parking garage each have dedicated fire sprinkler services. A 15,000 gallon reservoir is also provided in the basement of Building C which provides an emergency backup water supply. One 750 GPM electric pump is provided at Building C. The garage is provided with fire sprinkler water coverage at city pressure.

Buildings A and C have a newly installed Honeywell addressable fire alarm system which includes all new audible and visual devices, fire fighting fan/smoke damper control panel and public address system.

Electrical System:

Power is provided to the 4 buildings and the parking garage by a 21KV utility service that enters into a main site electrical room in Building D. Power is distributed from Building D to Buildings A, B and C at 21kv through the buildings’ own switchgear. Substations at Buildings A, B and C step down the power to 480/277 volt, 3 phase, four wire for distribution throughout the respective buildings. The 4160 volts is distributed to multiple substations and converted to 480/277 volt. The 4160 volts also directly powers the chillers. A total of 7 diesel powered generators located in a penthouse mechanical room at the roof of Building D, provide emergency power for all 4 buildings as well as the parking structure.

Vertical Transportation:

Building A has 6 passenger elevators on site. Building C has 2 passenger and 1 freight elevator on site.

All the elevators were manufactured and installed by Dover Elevator and are currently being maintained by Otis Elevator Company under a service contract.


The roofs at all the buildings consist of an Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly (IRMA) system. The system consists of multi-ply, modified bitumen, built-up membrane installed over a concrete deck. Then a drainage mat, 2” loose laid insulation board and a protection felt with stone ballast has been installed over the membrane.


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